RtopR Hands Paraffin Moisturizing, Hydrating, Exfoliating, Nourish, Whitening Peel Off Hand Wax Mask

RtopR Hands Paraffin Hand Peel Off Mask

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    • RtopR Mango Moisturizing Hand Revival Peel Off Wax Contains Multiple Nutrients To Form A Moisturizing And Nourishing Wax Film On The Hands.
    • It Gently Exfoliates the Skin Leaving the Skin Soft and Delicate,
    • The Mask Protects the Skin and Relieves Fine and Dry Lines.
    • It Has Whitening Properties and Nutrition to Assist the Removing Of Dark Spots.
    • It Brightens and Moisturizes the Hands.
    • It Gently and Intensively Nourishes the Hands, Alleviates Dry, Rough, Cracked And Dull Skin Conditions Of The Hands.
    • Method Of Use:
    • After Cleaning and Drying Hands, Apply An Appropriate Amount Of This Product To The Hands And Skin Evenly,
    • Leave For 15-20 Minutes Until the Wax Essence Is Absorbed And Dried Into A Film.
    • Peel Off the Dried Wax And Rinse With Clean Water.
    • Moisturize Your Hands Using the RtopR Moisturizing Hand Skin Care Cream