Fuel Factor X Is An Advanced Fuel Treatment to Reduce Your Petrol Consumption
Super Food for Your Engine
The Unique FFX Formula Contains Multiple Ingredients, Each Designed for A Specific Purpose
Safe For All Combustion Engines and Fuel Oils, Petrol and Diesel
Good For Your Engines and The Planet
Reduces Emissions
Enhances Performance
Improves Fuel Economy
Prolongs Engine Life
Lubricates Pistons, Pumps and Injectors

All In One Solution:
FFX Is a Comprehensive Fuel Treatment:
Other Products May Have One or Two FFX Fuel Components, But None Have All of Them
Prolongs Engine Life and Reduces Wear:
FFX Uses a Combination of Ingredients That Work Together to Keep Your Engine Clean and Running Smoother
Increase Fuel Economy:
FFX Fuel Reduces Fuel Consumption, Resulting in Increased Kilometres Per Litre of Petrol
Reduces Harmful Emissions and Pollutants:
Reducing Harmful Pollutants from The Exhaust Pipe Helps Result in A Cleaner Environment.
Improves Vehicle and Horsepower:
FFX Fuel Burns More of The Available British Thermal Units (Btus) In the Fuel, Resulting In Better Performance.

FFX Fuel Proprietary Formula Includes:
Organometallic Compound:
A Catalyst That Ignites Fuel at A Lower Temperature, Providing A Longer, More Complete Burn of The Fuel. This Causes the Fuel to Be Used More Efficiently, Providing Improved Fuel Economy and Less Wasted Fuel Out Through the Exhaust, Which Reduces Emissions. The Organometallic Compound Burns More of The BTUs of The Fuel. Reduces Friction from Pistons, Pumps and Injectors, which would Ultimately Wear Down the Engine, Therefore Prolonging the Engine s Working Life.
Reduces Friction from Pistons, Pumps, and Injectors Which Would Ultimately Wear Down The Engine, Therefore Prolonging The Engine s Working Life
Cleans And Maintains Injectors as Well as The Rest of The Fuel System, So the Engine Works as Efficiently As Possible
Polymerization Retardants:
Reduces Solids That Form in The Fuel Tank and Keeps the Engine Clean, Prolonging the Life Of All Engine Parts.
Rust And Corrosion Inhibitors:
Removes And Prevents Rust in The Fuel System, Keeping It Running Efficiently
Helps Separate Water from Fuel. A Single Drop of Water Can Cause The Injector To Fail And Damage The Entire Engine.
Fuel Stabilizer:
Stabilizes Fuel to Keep It From Breaking Down Or Deteriorating And Gives Petrol and Diesel A Longer Shelf Life.

Double Dose For The First 2-3 Times Using FX Factor Fuel Sachets
Thereafter Use One Sachet of FFX Every Time You Fill Up A Tank Of Petrol Or Diesel

FX Fuel Factor Advanced Fuel Petrol and Diesel Treatment