The 3 in 1 EMS Ultrasonic Body Slimming Massager provide Ultrasonic Therapy, Heat Therapy and  Micro Current Massager Therapy or Electric Massage Therapy


The Infrared Slimming Massager delivers infrared light (which is an invisible light) into your body cells and tissues in the form of heat. This heat not only enhances the massage effect but also increase the blood circulation within an area Melting the Fats under the skin while regulating the Internal Secretion and Accelerating of Fat Consumption.

The Infrared Therapy:

Helps Fight off Fat Areas and Tightens the Skin

Weight Losing and Figure Sculpting Functions

Imports Nutrition to the Skin

Loose Centimetres

Cellulite Remover

Slim Legs and Arms

Removes Stretch Marks

Tighten Skin

Imports Nutrition to the Skin

It’s Healing Abilities Kill Bacteria and Improve Blood Circulation and Skin Texture

Effective Ultrasonic Massager for Face and Body

Changes the Capacity and Movement of every Cell with Precise Massage Functions

Quickly and Effectively Reduces and gives Relief from Severe and Chronic Pain

5 EMS Modes – Knocking, Massage, Kneading, Demolition, Slimming

5 Intense Speed Selection

Mini and Stylish Appearance, Easy to Carry and Easy to Use.


3 in 1 EMS Ultrasonic and Infrared Body Beauty Slimming Massager

R899,00 Regular Price
R250,00Sale Price