s - 24 Collagen Infused, Anti Ageing, Hydrating, Nourishing  Face Mask

24K Gold Collagen Infused, Anti-Ageing Face Mask

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    • 24K GOLD Hydrating Face Mask with Pure Gold and Peptides is the Ultimate in Luxury
    • Pamper Your Face in a Rich Hydrating Collagen Serum to Unveil a Smoother, Hydrated Glow
    • The 100% Bio Collagen Gold Particles and Minerals in the Gold Collagen Face Mask Penetrates Deep into the Dermis.
    • Rejuvenating Collagen Activates Cell Renewal, Eliminates Toxins, Moisturizes and Reduces Signs of Aging.
    • The Collagen Mask Regenerates and Repairs Deep into the Skin Layers which upholds the effect of Healthy and Firm Skin
    • Protects against Premature Aging caused by UV light, makeup, and other factors for long term results.
    • Usage:
    • Thoroughly cleanse and dry the face
    • Submerge the mask inside its covering in hot water for 1-2 minutes
    • Remove the mask from its packaging
    • Position the mask over the face
    • Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes
    • Rinse with warm water and followed by your regular facial regimen
    • Apply 1 x per week.
    • Package Include:
    • 1 x Face Mask