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Online Beauty Shopping Coming Soon

We all deserve to BE VIBRANT and STAY VIBRANT, even though our lifestyles, working day, and beauty routines have been disrupted. Welcome to YOUR VIBRANT. The beauty shop you have been waiting for!


We have sourced fabulous products for hair, nails, lashes, brows, and more. Be Vibrant for that quick zoom call, a run to the shops, girls' outings, and everyday beauty. We offer tried and tested products that you cannot find in local shops and at great prices!

When shopping online, especially from South Africa, you think you are getting a bargain, only to find that you end up paying HUGE import duties once your product arrives. With YOUR VIBRANT, you pay exactly what your checkout basket says, no more.

We guarantee 3 – 7-day delivery. No ridiculous shipping fees. No surprise import costs on delivery.

Be the VIBRANT you deserve to be.

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